Point Of Sale And Selling Aid Ideas For Cosmetics Products

Published On: November 1, 2016

The sheer volume of options available to consumers for health and beauty needs demands innovation in attracting attention to make a brand stand apart in retail settings. Point of sale (POS) displays and selling aids are common in this industry, and must be unique and appealing to be effective.

Consistency with Brand Profile

You know what sets your brand apart, and you’ve spent time developing its image aesthetic. Any point-of-sale display or selling aids must be consistent with, and enhance established branding. These displays provide a great opportunity to offer new information, presented within the existing framework of your brand. The use of consistent colors and typography will strengthen the subconscious associations the consumer has with your product, and has the power to bring the brand to mind, even when viewed from a distance, and before the text can be read. In developing a POS display or selling aid, the key elements that set your brand apart make the display effective.

Interactive Elements Draw the Consumer In


A successful display will draw the consumer’s eye with visual appeal, but this is rarely enough to keep their attention: interactive elements that invite the consumer to actively engage not only extend the amount of time the consumer spends paying attention to the product; they also establish a relationship between the consumer and the product. Effective tactics include inviting the consumer to touch or smell something related to the product, or to manually manipulate some structural aspect of the display to demonstrate an effect (e.g. a before/after transition).

Selling aids provided to retailers can also include booklets and visual aids to help consumers find their ideal product – for example, a color wheel of skin tones to match with eyeshadow or other makeup options, or a chart of skin care concerns and the products that most effectively address them.

Education: What’s Important?


In order to be effective, a POS and selling aids should tell the consumer something they don’t already know; once you have their attention, it’s time to make it worth their while by educating them on some aspect of your product. Consider the following as worthy pieces of information to share with consumers:

  • Does your product consist only of organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced through fair trade?
  • Does it make use of the latest advancements in chemical engineering or other scientific endeavors
  • Might it have secondary health benefits?
  • Have you adjusted the formula in response to consumer feedback, or released a new product line targeting a specific demographic?

All of these are examples of the type of information a POS display can convey.

The Options Are Endless

Point of sale and selling aid options include aisle violators, structured displays to house product, and booklets or pamphlets to be handled by employees. The possibilities for how you can expand your consumer base and further develop your brand image in the retail setting are limitless when you partner with the innovators at JohnsByrne – always on the cutting edge of packaging design. Contact us to learn more today.
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