Press384 Watch – 15-Unit Press Coming Soon!

Published On: September 22, 2014

At JohnsByrne we continue to re-invest in technology to stay at the forefront of innovation to serve current and new markets. Our latest investment is in our newest 15-unit, triple coater press, Press384 that was configured specifically for JohnsByrne and delivers new creative freedom to our customers. Press384 spans nearly 130ft (end to end) and is rated for speeds up to 18k sheets/hr, so customers will get size and speed all in one press.  Check back at our blog for future PressWatch updates to keep informed on the progress of Press384!

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Zooming In On The 15-Unit Installation Progress

Under the microscope is a close up of the press feeder, the front end-first coating unit and the two dryers that have been installed.


Press Feeder

The efficiency and productivity of Press384 begins with the press feeder.
The efficiency and productivity of Press384 begins with the press feeder. The ‘feeder end’ has been installed and has an automated feeder logistics system* to supply non-stop , computer controlled feeding of sheets for increased productivity. This translates into reduced make ready times and increases overall output.

No wonder Press384 is rated for 18k sheets per hour!

**more info on the feeder logistics system in later bulletins

Coater#1 (C1)

The limitless possibilities and capabilities of Press384 begins with the upfront coater, C1. It is the first of three coaters specially selected for Press384. The benefits of C1 include:

  • Lay down of flexo white coatings for barrier creation, brighter whites, and better opacity on plastics
  • Lay down of metallic and pearl coatings (UV or Water Based) to simulate pre-coated stock sheets equating to cost savings
  • Paper sizing for better surface to print upon

Dryers (D1 and D2)

Two dryer units follow directly after C1 for quick drying of UV and water based coatings, allowing the press to operate at maximum speed.

The amount of drying energy from each dryer can be modified in order to create different visual or tactile effects of the coating being cured.

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