Print Finishing Options For High-End Cosmetics

Published On: February 2, 2017

High-end cosmetics have a great deal of competition. Not only are they included in the highly competitive, heavily-saturated health and beauty category, to appeal to consumers, the product must stand out as being luxury and high-end at first glance.

To meet consumer and category demands, high-end cosmetic brands need to ramp up creativity and print finishing on packaging for their products. The following are some classic and not-so-classic finishing options for high-end cosmetics:

Gloss UV


Gloss UV coating enhances color contrasts and makes vibrant colors pop. The coating is applied as a liquid then exposed to ultraviolet light to cure and harden. This is the most popular coating option for paper folding cartons as it has rub-resistant qualities, and provides the highest gloss. Spot gloss UV coating can be used to selectively highlight portions of the packaging for a stunning effect that conveys the impression of quality.

Embossing and Sculptured Embossing

In embossing, the surface of the paper is molded with an embossing die to create a raised image. In sculptured embossing, a hand-tooled die is used for embossing many levels with the use of angles, curves at varying depths. Sculptured, single-layer, and multi-layer embossing techniques to create mesmerizing finishing effects that enhance the appeal of your products.

Hot-Foil Stamping

Hot Foil

Hot-Foil stamping is a technique that uses foil film, metal dies, heat, and pressure. Brilliant looking techniques such as foil stamping require precision and great expertise to maintain the highest quality throughout. Stunning hot-foil effects can be created with many types of foil materials and processes including:

  • Clear foils
  • Rainbow foils
  • Holographic foils
  • Custom PMS color foils
  • Custom etched foils
  • Security foils
  • Pre-foil down with overprinted inks/coatings

Pearlescent Coatings

Pearlescent coatings give a high-end cosmetic packaging an elegant, high-value surface. They can be applied to the full area or partially for a more defined finish. These specialty UV coatings contain tiny flecks of red, blue, or silver metal, producing a pearlescent gleam. They bring surfaces to life with a natural, convincing effect.

Multiple Coating Combinations


Gloss and soft touch; glitter and gloss; pearl, gloss, and soft touch – these are only some of the possible coating combinations. Multiple coating combinations provide unlimited creative options for unique and elegant packaging in keeping with the quality of your high-end cosmetic products.

Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting can add to your decorative menu and make your packaging heads above the rest. In precision die cutting, specific shapes are cut into paper stock with cutting dies. This allows for a range of creative options, from unique corners to circles or silhouettes, and adds functionality, depth, and interest to cosmetic product packaging.

New Substrates or Substrate Combinations

Add elegance to the appearance of your product with the use of new substrates, such as linens, Mylar, or plastic. Another creative option is using a combination of substrates. For example, we can create a carton with paperboard, but with APET window or reveal.

JohnsByrne is a single-source supplier with streamlined and sophisticated finishing capabilities. With our state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience, we can produce elegant packaging with a rich and luxurious look and feel that adds value to your high-end cosmetic products.

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