Skincare Packaging Design—How To Differentiate Product Lines

Published On: February 26, 2016

Nutraceutical products come in different forms. From vitamins to skincare products, differentiating product lines while maintaining brand identity is key to having a cohesive brand image in the marketplace. But how do you define product lines without losing the sense of a singular brand identity?

Whether its colors, visual elements, or structures, it’s important to tie your separate product lines together in a way that will make sense to a casual observer. Here are a few ways to differentiate product lines while maintaining a strong brand identity.


Using color is a great and simple way to note the differences between product lines. Subtle use of colors can easily allow consumers to understand the variances without causing confusion or losing brand equity.

Color gives you nearly limitless possibilities for differentiating product lines in innovative ways. Whether you use different shades of a similar tone, or pair contrasting shades, color can be utilized in unique ways to create a unified brand image.

Visual Elements

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Visual cues, such as logos, designs, patterns, and other elements, tie your brand image together when using different colors to separate product lines. Alternatively, you can use the same color scheme and switch up the visual elements to differentiate your packaging or pair the colors with different patterns to make separate product lines stand out.

However, when using different visual elements, it may help present a unified image if the graphics have a similar style. This creates a more cohesive brand identity.


Sometimes brand differentiation needs to separate higher-end products from standard lines. Many skincare lines offer signature luxury items and these products need specialty packaging to stand out. If all other elements are the same, unique packaging structures are a great way to set a product line apart. For example, use a bolder structure for higher-end product lines, which conveys a higher perceived value for consumers.

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In addition, texture is a great way to add distinction between product lines and to enhance the perception of the product as a luxury item. Soft-touch coatings, embossing, and debossing techniques help further set the product apart.
Skincare Group Packaging Design

Different Yet Cohesive

One important consideration for differentiating skincare packaging lines is to not change too many things at once. There needs to be a thread that connects your skincare packaging design to ensure customers will recognize it across all your product lines. Whether your product differentiation is to separate luxury items or your product lines cater to varied target audiences, this is an important part of a branding strategy.

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It can be challenging to strike a balance between distinct, innovative packaging designs that stand out and speak to their target customers, and presenting a cohesive brand identity that will connect with consumers across all lines. If you’re looking to revamp your skincare packaging design strategies for stronger brand differentiation, contact JohnsByrne to learn more about how the various elements can drive your branding strategy forward.

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