Understanding The Packaging Production Process

Published On: December 1, 2015

Creating product packaging from start to finish requires planning, dedication, quality control and expert knowledge to ensure the project will be a success. Although your packaging supplier will handle the process, you may still be curious about what happens behind the scenes.

Here are the key elements of the packaging production process:


Get consultation from high-quality packaging specialists

You want to ensure you choose a packaging supplier that is willing to address all your needs and bring innovation to the table. A high-quality packaging specialist will be willing to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. A consultation is the starting point to a successful end result.

Design Proofs

If you are making substantial changes to your packaging, it’s highly likely you will want to see it before making a full commitment to the design. The proofing process is a great way to see if your ideal design will translate well into an actual piece. For example, if you’re trying a new structural design, it may not turn out exactly how you expected. Fortunately, skilled packaging specialists can advise you when a design may not be the most practical or ideal for your product’s needs.


Calibration ensures color consistency

Color is perceived in a number of different ways. The colors you see aren’t necessarily the same as what a monitor translates, and taking a print project through a press can result in something even more different. Calibration ensures color is consistent through each phase of the project, and G7 is one of the best process and certification a printer can have to ensure color integrity across all equipment. This process ensures that the final print piece matches your vision and more importantly, branding requirements.

Validation Testing

Even when you are partnered with a printing expert, packaging products contain a high number of variables, which is why testing is necessary. High-quality suppliers are experienced and capable of running your specific tests or those that are set by industry standards such as rub and tape testing, drop tests, board stiffness and humidity testing, score-bend testing, open force testing, fiber testing, humidity chamber testing, and several others.

Extensive testing procedures such as these ensure your product packaging design will be viable and provide a high-quality experience for customers.


Spare additional manufacturing costs with a reliable packaging supplier

After the details have been decided, there may still be some questions to answer about the packaging process. For example, how will your product be packed into the cartons? An innovative packaging supplier can offer you the services to finish the job, including mounting, film laminating, overwrapping, window patching, insertion, and kitting and pack out. This helps expedite the speed to market and can prevent your business from incurring additional manufacturing costs.

Choose a Packaging Supplier with Expertise

You want to ensure that every step of the packaging process goes as smoothly as possible, which is why you need to work with a supplier with expertise in your industry.

A quality supplier will conduct all these steps to make creating a new packaging design as easy as possible for you and your team.

Ready to begin your packaging project? Contact the packaging specialists at JohnsByrne to discuss your packaging needs.

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