Unique Packaging Designs

Published On: January 9, 2024

Unique packaging is hard to come by. With so many products competing for attention on the shelf, achieving uniqueness is almost impossible. Whether it’s launching a new product or updating an existing packaging design, brand managers, packaging designers, engineers, and their suppliers, are constantly being pushed to deliver on innovation.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, unique is defined as

“being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else or particularly remarkable, special or unusual”

When it comes to packaging, uniqueness can be achieved in a variety of ways including:

  • Structure
  • Functional features
  • Interactivity
  • Design elements

Let’s review some of the most unique packaging projects that that we’ve had the opportunity to produce and see what makes them unique. The criteria:

Structural Uniqueness

Structure, or shape, of packaging is a sure way to achieve a unique overall look. Unusual shapes or structures instantly draw the eye and demand attention. We’ll take a look at our most unique structural packaging projects and what made them so unique.

Functional Features

While unique structures create an eye-catching design, functionality is still major requirement for any packaging design. What truly makes a packaging design unique is blending function with innovation for a completely new take on a standard or expected feature.


Perhaps the hardest elements to apply to packaging, interactive features create a unique experience for the end user that captivates and forges a brand connection like nothing else.

Design Elements of Unique Packaging

All Unique packaging designs begin with the product at the center. Packaging serves to not only protect, but also enhance and highlight both product and brand attributes. Expert application and use of specialty coatings, inks, substrates and press effects is what takes an ordinary design to the realm of extraordinary.

Top Packaging Designs

Here are some of our best candidates for structures, functionality, interactivity and design.

Dell Unlocking Innovation
Industry: Consumer Products
Unique Factor(s): Interactivity & Function

JohnsByrne partnered with BDA on a very innovative packaging design for Dell. For this Dell unboxing, they were looking for a solution for a problem-solving experience to unlock the gift inside. The package truly ‘unlocks’ the innovator by creating an interactive experience for the recipient.

Once the QR code on the front of the package is scanned, a code is provided to move the sliders to the correct positions which disengages the lock with the handle to open the box. The entire package is constructed of SBS and chipboard and features an overall dull varnish with a spot gloss UV coating on the front pattern.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 & Flip3 Welcome Kit
Industry: Consumer Products
Unique Factor(s): Interactivity & Function


These welcome kits are presented at the retail level as a fun way to inform and educate the sales reps about new product launches and their features. The kit needed to be eye-catching and interactive to draw attention and anticipation for the big reveal of the phone.

The package features vibrant graphics and a soft touch coating giving it a high-end look that’s inviting to open. Once opened, the foldable versions of the Galaxy Z phones (to scale) pop up from the inside and are set against a large Z graphic background. The phone on the left even rotates before it unfolds creating an animated, unboxing experience.

Once that layer is opened, the interior of the package is flooded with vibrant graphics of the phones set on a contrasting white background. Based on inspiration provided by children’s pop-up books, the package successfully created excitement for Samsung’s newest phone launch while utilizing features of the packaging to convey the features of their new Galaxy phones.

L’Oreal Lancôme 2022 Holiday Packaging
Industry: Beauty
Unique Factor(s): Structure & Design

For the Lancôme 2022 Holiday line, Lancôme was looking to create packaging featuring a flower pattern created in France by one of their designers. A digital comp of the pattern was provided for reference for our team to begin developing a packaging solution that also needed to be fully recyclable.

To achieve this, we translated the pattern into multi-level embossing creating a microetched effect combined with matte and gloss coatings to add dimension and fine detail. Gold, silver and rose gold foil cold foil were used for the packaging and as well as hot stamping for the inner paperboard trays.

FSC paperboard and chipboard were used along with a paperboard tray instead of the traditional vac tray, making the entire package recyclable.

Goose Island Bourbon Stout 30th Anniversary
Industry: Spirits
Unique Factor(s): Structure & Design

Goose Island Beer Company granted us the opportunity to produce the package to showcase the 30th anniversary of their Bourbon County Stout. While providing samples to drive inspiration, we designed a structure that included windows on the front and back to showcase the 16.5 oz. Bourbon County Stout. To create a unique unboxing, we crafted a creative concept that featured a die cut image of the bottle on the left side of the slipcase for end users to push the tray open and slide out the inner carton.

The design resulted in a highly decorated paperboard structure including: gold foil stamping throughout to create contrast, the look of charred barrel on the interior structure using soft touch, spot gloss, and emboss patterns to create a wood grain, tactile feel. The stock included 10% PCW making the paperboard package sustainable and fully curbside recyclable.

Florence by Mills Advent Calendar
Industry: Beauty
Unique Factor(s): Structure & Function

The florence brand was looking for a new domestic supplier for their Peace, Love, and Florence advent calendar in time for the holiday season. While quick turnaround was an essential priority, the calendar also needed to be high quality to reflect the clean, non-toxic qualities of the brand.

Our structural engineering team worked with florence by mills team to develop a fun, colorful, and interactive 12-day advent calendar featuring their skincare and cosmetic products as well as an ornament for the last day in individual cartons nested inside of a keepsake box.

The finished unit included: FSC stock used throughout the package, fully recyclable and biodegradable materials, and a keepsake box that can be repurposed and is reusable.

Freixenet Advent Calendar
Industry: Spirits
Unique Factor(s): Structure & Function


Freixenet Mionetto called on us to manage the production of their holiday program; an advent calendar that would house 12 of their specialty crafted sparkling wines. Our structural engineers developed prototypes based on creative concepts the brand desired: a structure that resembled a Christmas tree. Our development team improved the overall design by compressing the concept’s initial size, ensuring sustainability while continuing to support the project’s creative integrity. We also recommended an additional panel for the outer carton to serve as a protective layer for avoiding potential tampering in the retail setting.

The final format has an interior structure to support and protect bottles, surface doors for easy open reveal, and a removable outer door panel covering all the small doors while in retail.  Due to the size and weight of the package, it was designed to be ergonomically carried by the handle for ease of transport by the consumer. In the retail setting, the packages could also be stacked to form a Christmas tree.

Unique Packaging: The Final Word

Unique packaging is remarkable and can stand on its own. While a unique packaging design begins with an idea and sketches, execution is key to making the packaging come to life and live up to its intended unique factors. A state-of-the art pressroom, structural design with the latest finishing equipment is also a must to properly execute your vision.

With over 60 years of packaging and print experience, the JohnsByrne team can help you create a unique packaging for your product. Ready to stand out from the crowd? Get in touch for a free innovation consultation today!








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