Winning The Holiday Game – 2018 Holiday Packages That Shine

Published On: December 21, 2018

The holidays – a festive season, and more lucrative for manufacturers who offer their products in holiday-themed packaging. Detailed structuring with bright and attractive finishes will attract shoppers scanning the shelves. Holiday product packaging is a specialty art, and the team at JohnsByrne can help you present your product in a holiday-themed package that draws the eye with unique elements in design, color, embossing, and structure.

Gift-Ready Packaging for the Holidays – It Works.

Holiday packaging attracts, whether through unusual details or an interactive element in the design. Relevant and timely holiday designs lead to a higher level of buyer interest leading up to and through the holiday season. Custom holiday packaging along with an added gift can add significant value in the mind of a consumer. Holiday boxes with a fun and interactive structure, with tactile elements such as embellishments or embossing, shine, or windows can help your product fly off the shelves and into the hands of busy shoppers who appreciate the gift-ready aspect of a package.

Holiday Skincare Gift Sets

Holiday skincare gift sets create a sense of excitement and luxury with bold, interactive elements in the skincare packaging design to help a product stand out on busy, loaded shelves. The innovative and unique packaging experience can create a sense of, fun, elegance, along with the magic of the holiday season. Our holiday packaging designs signals shoppers that a skincare product is one of the best beauty gifts of the 2018 season.

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Put on a Holiday Glow – Tata Harper Style

For Tata Harper, the packaging concept for the brand’s holiday skincare gift sets combined an innovative holiday theme. The Tata Harper skincare line was set within a “Let there be light” packaging design, with a debossed pattern and holo-foil to create the sense of light bursting from the product within. The holiday gift set sends a message about the product – a set of glow-restoring skincare products.

The green glow emanating from the festive holiday packaging adds appeal and interest for buyers searching for the perfect beauty gift. The halo of light signals the results of the skincare products, a glow from within, for a singularly elegant and engaging package design that communicates the Tata Harper brand as being the perfect holiday gift.

Holiday Skincare: Travel Edition – Kiehls Advent Calendar

Photo Credits: Kiehl’s

The Kiehls advent calendar offers a sense of adventure and world travel in a bright, suitcase-themed box – gift-ready. The packaging is geared to create a truly interactive holiday experience. Each of the 24 compartments opens to a surprise gift, sustaining the thrill of the holidays throughout the month. The design is bold and inviting with the added excitement of finding what hides within the uniquely-shaped compartments. The calendar presents a modern take on a classic theme that is truly irresistible.

Be Bold this Holiday Season – Lancôme Holiday Triangle Box

Photo Credits: Lancôme

The Lancôme holiday triangle box is sleek and elegant without compromising the fun of the holiday season. The central window within the bold pink triangular packaging allows the consumer to peek at the products within the gift-ready packaging. The structural design creates interest in the product in an eye-catching holiday gift set that supports Lancôme’s luxury branding in a fun and engaging way.

Knob Creek Holiday Packaging

Photo Credits: Knob Creek

The team at Knob Creek made the decision to create a holiday package to fly off the shelves during the season. The bourbon and mug set is gift-ready and triggers the buyer’s imagination about enjoying a hot toddy on a cold winter day. Shoppers often struggle to find the perfect distilled spirits gift, and this packaging includes wooden textures to create an even more appealing gift.

Holiday Packaging Designs from JohnsByrne

Our team at JohnsByrne can create unique an innovative holiday packaging designs and concepts for virtually any product. The product itself is always the focus, enhancing it desirability as the best holiday gift for 2018 with unique and innovative Christmas packaging.

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