2020 Packaging Trends

Published On: January 31, 2020

The new year is just around the corner, with many new innovative packaging designs coming our way. Exciting colors, package structures, illustrations, and other designs are predicted to have a large presence in both the brick and mortar store and in the eCommerce world. In 2020, there are new key packaging industry trends that are emerging, as well as packaging trends from 2019 that will only continue to grow in popularity.

Integrating Storytelling Into Packaging

In a world that is getting increasingly more competitive, companies have to go the extra mile to make their products stand out — a well-designed package alone isn’t enough to make a memorable impact anymore. In addition to a strong package design, an effective way for consumers to better connect with your product is to create packaging that tells a story about your brand’s values.

The unboxing experience is especially important for eCommerce packaging. When a consumer orders an item online, the consumer doesn’t have the advantage of touching and interacting with the item before purchasing. The first time they will interact with your product is after they purchase and receive it. When a customer has a fun, seamless experience receiving, opening, and engaging with a product’s primary and secondary packaging, your product is likely to have an impact on that customer. Furthermore, a memorable unboxing experience that tells a story can instill brand loyalty in a consumer.

Sustainable Packaging

Consumers have been and continue to become more eco-conscious, making an effort to decrease their environmental footprint and buy more sustainable products. According to a study conducted in November 2018 by CGS, 68% of US internet users stated that product sustainability played an important role in making a purchase. The consumer’s concern with sustainability is projected to continue to grow.

Using less material for your packaging without compromising the product’s integrity is one way to create a more sustainable product. Swapping our virgin paper for post consumer waste paper or using recyclable or biodegradable materials in your packaging is another sustainable practice.

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Just as in 2019, Minimalism will continue to be a popular trend for packaging. The minimalist aesthetic is pleasing to the eye due to its clean look, simplicity, and clear emphasis on what the product is/does. What’s more, minimalistic packaging also fits in line with the “go green” trend. Since a minimalistic design usually requires less packaging materials, consumers have a greater piece of mind purchasing what they believe to be a more sustainable product.


While “retro” and “futurism” seem like opposites, when put together, these two elements can create a very cohesive design that is pleasing to the eye. With feelings of nostalgia created from the retro design and feelings of anticipation from the futuristic concept, your design can have a huge impact on a variety of consumers. Neon colors, striking gradients, and retro elements in typography and logos will become more popular on shelves in 2020.

Paperboard Packaging

With the growth of eCommerce shopping, paperboard packaging and other rigid packaging designs, such as rigid set-up boxes, will start to have a commanding presence in the packaging industry due to its durable structure. However, the popularity of eCommerce isn’t the only reason this trend will grow in 2020 – paper-based packaging also is sustainable, making it a viable option for fast-moving consumer goods and point of sale products as well. Paperboard packaging is recyclable and can be used as a replacement for plastic, allowing brands to become more eco-friendly.

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