5 Questions To Ask Your Product Packaging Company

Published On: October 20, 2014

Regardless of the industry, market, or sector in which you operate, it’s important to make positive first impressions, particularly when developing brand recognition with consumers, customers and clients. From a top-down perspective, these first impressions and the importance of driving brand recognition require attention to detail that hold a greater weight. For companies selling physical products through retail channels, high-quality packaging is a detail of the utmost importance.

The packaging solutions provider you choose will be a long-term partnership, so it’s vital that they understand your product, and work with you to develop a creative strategy to create packaging that showcases your products. Ultimately, you want a packaging company that takes your ideas to the next level.

Asking the Right Questions

Before choosing a company for your packaging solutions, make sure you learn the answers to the following questions to gain a clearer picture of how each packaging provider operates and what you can expect.

What Does Working Together Look Like?

As an integral part of driving first impressions and brand recognition, you need to have a say in the packaging process. However, if packaging isn’t your expertise, you probably don’t have all the answers. From the start, it’s important to determine how involved a potential packaging solutions provider will be. Will they be there from the start, beginning with early client collaboration and continuing through to structural design, pre-press, press thru finishing and assembly? If you have questions, are they willing to provide input and advice? If you need assistance with design, are they capable of lending a helping hand?

packaging trends

Whether you have a particular vision in mind or need guidance in formulating your packaging design, you need a packaging expert that can be there for you from the start to turn your idea into reality. Starting with early collaboration, your ideal packaging solution specialist will work with you in the early development stages of your packaging project and examine your specifications and while asking questions with the end result in mind. With the design finalized, your packaging company needs to execute your project flawlessly and with unparalleled quality.

Have You Worked With My Industry Before?

Packaging standards and styles differ from industry to industry. When selecting a provider, it’s important to ask about their experience in your particular industry. If they have knowledge and prior experience working with companies similar to yours, ask for  samples of that show off their work.

How Do You Keep Up With Industry Trends?

While having in-house creativity is certainly an advantage, you want to make sure your packaging solutions provider is up-to-date on industry standards and relevant styles. Finding a provider to balance innovative style with industry standards will allow you to stand out while maintaining your budget.

Choosing a packaging solutions provider

Who Do You Have on Your Team?

When you choose a packaging solutions provider, you’re doing more than picking a corporate name; you’re picking individual people. The ideal packaging company will employ a knowledgeable and diverse structural design team that actively listens to your vision to create and present the best structural packaging and display options. It’s also important to know the qualifications of your packaging provider and how they work.  For example, are there innovative packaging specialists on staff, or is everything followed according to a procedural script? Are the team members willing to help you with questions and concerns, or are they more interested in simply finishing your project?

Another point to consider is the location of the team—is everything kept in-house or is it spread out? A centralized, end-to-end manufacturing process not only is cost-effective, but also accelerates the speed-to-market for your products.

What Are Some of Your Previous Successes?

Choose a packaging solutions provider that is industry recognized.

You can tell a lot about a packaging solutions provider by determining where they stand in their industry. Asking about their status as an industry leader will give you an opportunity to learn whether they have won distinguished awards, testimonials and other recognitions.

Having accolades from industry-leading associations is a good sign that the work they’ll do for you will be a step above the rest. Recognition within their industry as a leader shows you that they’re serious about producing great work. Client testimonials are also valuable as these are your industry colleagues sharing their experiences.

At JohnsByrne, we pride ourselves in being personally involved with each of our clients’ goals. If we see something in need of attention, we believe it is our duty to facilitate honest discussions and get the job done. As one of the premier packaging solutions providers in the industry, we would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services and solutions.

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