Avoiding Costly Packaging Mistakes

Published On: December 20, 2016

No one likes to make mistakes, especially errors that result in lost time, rework costs, and missed deadlines. Avoiding a BIG-dollar packaging blunder can be life-saving for any company or brand. But how can you escape unforeseen packaging expenses that will run up the bill and potentially damage profitability? Here’s how:

Packaging Lifecycle Analysis

The first step in creating packaging is to ensure you have thoroughly analyzed the entire lifecycle of your packaging, including fulfillment, distribution, and logistics compatibility. A wrong decision can mean your packaging costs far more to fulfill/distribute and move from place to place. Every detail of structural design and finish must be evaluated so your product arrives in good condition, ready for the consumer to purchase. A full analysis of the lifecycle of the packaging for your product is an essential factor in custom packaging development – but it needs to happen quickly so the product can get to market without delays.

Brand Goals

Cohesive branding will bring higher levels of recognition for your product. Every design element is important in how a consumer responds – do they reach for the product, or do they pass it by? One of the costliest packaging mistakes is failing to present a product and brand in a manner that makes it easily recognized, standing out from the rest. Work with a packaging supplier that brings knowledge, insight, and exceptional skills in brand presentation so that the packaging represents who you are in a fresh, appealing way.

Structural Soundness


Your product will be packed in boxes and moved about by various shipping methods. Any failure in structural soundness can mean hundreds of thousands, or even millions in lost profits. A box that cannot withstand the stress of shipping, either by collapsing, losing ink due to shifting leaving packaging appearing worn, or other similar problem can kill projected sales – and profits. Work with a packaging supplier that has highly-skilled, qualified structural design professionals to help you come up with solutions that work. Packaging design concepts must be vetted to ensure that they can be produced to withstand the stresses of shipping – but this process should be fast and efficient. From rigid set-up boxes to vacuum-formed packaging solutions, the structural integrity of the packaging must be evaluated as a critical point in the package development process.

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Guiding Your Vision

When clients come to our team at JohnsByrne with ideas, whether in concept or with a specific design prepared, we work closely with them to bring their vision to life. Our process has speed-to-market capability. As innovators in the packaging industry, we employ state-of-the-art equipment to produce immaculate custom packaging products, quickly and efficiently. We can help you avoid costly packaging mistakes that could impact profitability – and we do it all in a cost-efficient manner.

For premium custom packaging solutions that leave nothing to chance, talk to the innovators at JohnsByrne. Let’s get your product rolling out smoothly, efficiently, and help you avoid costly packaging errors.

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