Creating The “Natural” Packaging Look – 5 Methods Explained

Published On: February 7, 2019

Natural-looking packaging is a proven marketing strategy, attracting high numbers of Millennials and Gen Z consumers – major market segments. Manufacturers of high-end products can increase interest and sales by presenting their products in packaging that communicates to consumers attracted to a simpler, organic look. These natural packaging designs can be created with several methods.

Specialty Stock

Your packaging takes on an appealing, natural look with specialty stock. Some of the most effective ways to create a quality look for premium products can be achieved with:

  • Uncoated Stocks: Producing packaging with natural tactile feels can easily be created by using the uncoated side of paper stocks. This option gives off a hand-wrapped feel for an artisan-crafted impression. The addition of specialty artwork design communicates that the product within is superior to today’s discerning consumers.
  • Kraft-like Papers: Take the hand-wrapped look to another level with natural Kraft-like stock to present a product as being manufactured with the hand-crafted care of makers of the past.
  • Wood-Textured Papers: Wooden textured packaging can be simulated by using embossing to create a rugged, natural look to the packaging. Tactile and visual effects like this draws the eyes of consumers who are searching for quality products, natural ingredients, or eco-friendly packaging.
  • Soft Touch Coating: Soft touch coating can produce a natural textural effect in muted browns, blues, and greens to trigger interest in consumers concerned with protecting the environment. At JohnsByrne, we offer a wide range of soft coatings that not only provide that appeal, but we specialize in sustainable printing and packaging solutions.
  • Linen and Cotton-Look Papers: Stimulate interest from consumers with linen-look packaging to create an impression that a premium product has been wrapped in a natural fiber, with the use of muted colors, textured embossed patterns, and a soft touch coating to enhance the overall impression of quality, artisanship, and communicate that the product within is of highest quality.

The Psychology Behind Natural Packaging Design and Today’s Consumers

There is no question that consumers respond to visual triggers in color, texture, font, and contrast, but an effective packaging can lose its appeal over time if it’s not updated periodically. In order to keep your packaging aligned with the times, you’ll need to target current consumer trends.

Natural earth tones, rougher textures, and designs can create a response that the product within is high in quality and produced with superior craftsmanship. With the help of the creative minds at JohnsByrne, we can help develop a custom packaging design to appeal to discerning consumers who are drawn to quality, simplicity, and artisan-crafted goods.

How JohnsByrne Can Help

At JohnsByrne, we collaborate with your marketing team to create exceptional packaging for a quality product. From specialty papers and dyes to unique box shapes that draw the eye, we are proud of the extraordinary skills our team will bring to your marketing efforts.

New Call-to-action

Our structural design team offers the full range of services. We’ll take your product packaging all the way through from original concept sketches to 3D prototypes so you can visualize the impact of a proposed design. We offer a vast range of natural substrates to create packaging that engages and attracts.

It’s easy to finally achieve the natural packaging design feel when you work with the best in the industry. JohnsByrne is your first-and-foremost choice for revamping the natural look of your product packaging. Get started today!

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