Creative Plastic Packaging

Published On: October 4, 2016

The development of plastic has impacted the modern packaging industry, possibly more than any other material. Its options for variations in transparency make it uniquely versatile for packaging that showcases a product. A clear plastic folding carton provides an option with maximum visibility, while plastic with artful printed images can enhance the retail and propel a buyer’s response.

While plastic packaging has a number of advantages, plastic substrates can also present unique challenges that some packaging companies struggle to overcome.

Structural Design to Fit Your Product


With plastic packaging, it may be true that simple is best: let your product speak for itself from a plastic sleeve or from clear windowing set. Plastic also allows for designs with dimensions that follow the form of the product itself, accentuating the physical features.

Beyond the options it affords for displaying your product from within, plastic can also be effective in achieving a scope of consumer responses, from catching consumer interest from the shelf, to creating an experience for the person when removing the product from the packaging. At JohnsByrne, our structural design team is constantly innovating, coming up with new solutions to bring our clients’ concepts into reality.

Color You Can Count On

The above is a display has great print execution on plastic.

One of the greatest challenges posed by the use of plastic in packaging or displays is to achieve the opacity levels necessary to print imagery upon. Images printed on plastics with no solid base of opacity result in a faded or dulled image. Below is another great example of great print execution on plastic where the vibrant white color of the iPhone was achieved on a difficult plastic substrate.
iPhone 010

Our state-of-the-art pressroom includes the certified printers that have earned us our G7 Master Qualification status, capable of delivering high-quality results on a wide range of challenging surfaces, including different varieties of plastic.

When developing your brand presentation, consistency is key and colors can be difficult to keep consistent across the different substrates so frequently needed for various stages of the packaging process, particularly when plastics are used. Fortunately, our skilled color management team works tirelessly in our 24/7 ink lab, and we have raised the bar in color precision. We take pride in holding ourselves to a standard far higher than those set by the industry, and are determined to deliver results that are consistently above and beyond industry standards.
Our high-end quality control systems and methods for ensuring color consistency also make it possible to guarantee that the color we provide remains true to your vision, not only across different substrates, but also among our different presses and at our different locations across the nation.

Making Your Vision a Reality

Whether the idea you envision for your custom product packaging is fully conceived, or you are in the planning stages of the process, our dedicated team is prepared to develop new and innovative solutions that make your product appeal and attract. At JohnsByrne, we push the limits of the never-done-before on a daily basis, and redefining the impossible is what we do. To get our team involved in a custom plastic packaging design for your brand, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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