Is Your Packaging Experiencing An Identity Crisis?

Published On: November 12, 2015

Just like a mid-life crisis, finding the underlying reasons why your packaging is causing confusion or dissatisfaction among your consumer base can be a difficult process. If your brand has been around for a long time and has maintained the same position in the market for years, this type of crisis may sneak up on you unexpectedly. It’s important for brand managers to take these identity issues seriously because ignoring them can lead to lost revenue and drive away potential and current customers.

Fortunately, it’s possible to move past a brand crisis. Here are some potential warning signs that your brand is experiencing an identity crisis:

Does Your Packaging Resonate with Your Customer Profiles?

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Think about your target audience. Does your brand cater to teenagers, adults, or luxury shoppers? If it’s been a while since you’ve considered your brand’s buyer personas, it may be time to reevaluate them to ensure your product position is still relevant to your audience. Without a clear target consumer in mind, branding efforts and packaging strategies can come off as unfocused or too broad.

Additionally, different packaging elements may be sending the wrong message to potential buyers. If color palettes clash or are too loud, it may drive customers away. Graphics can also send the wrong message, depending on your audience. For example, products featuring images of older adults may deter teens or young adults, even if the item is intended for a younger audience.

How Many Marketing Messages Does Your Package Feature?

Take a look at your current packaging. If there are branded messages covering every inch of the box, it may be overwhelming customers. Conversely, too few messages don’t leave a strong enough impression. It’s all about striking the right balance.

Consider the size of your item and current packaging. For example, cosmetics are often packaged in small boxes, and the visual appeal of the packaging strategy is crucial for attracting customers. Brands want to ensure they use packaging real estate conveying the benefits of the particular product, rather than talking up the brand.

Does Your Packaging Stand Out from Your Competitors?

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If your packaging looks too similar to competitors’ while sitting on the shelf, it may be time for a change. Consumers could be confusing your product for someone else’s. Luckily, this identity crisis may be one of the easiest to solve. Change colors or try a different structure for a more unique look and feel.

Does Your Packaging Send the Right Message About Your Product’s Perceived Value?

Packaging should always be related to the item. If you sell a luxury item, for instance, this needs to be reflected in the packaging. Meeting the perceived value of consumers is critical to the success of high-end products and product lines such as nutraceuticals, fragrances and cosmetics.
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Packaging plays a major role in creating the image that consumers have in mind about a particular product. Packaging design and elements help create the ideal perceived value. Textured packaging, specialty coatings, and press effects, for example, can help your convey a more upscale, luxury look and feel that is well received by consumers.

Redesign Your Packaging And Strengthen Your Identity

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Confusion around your brand and brand message can emerge for all sorts of reasons, including unfocused copy, color schemes that clash, and messaging that is out of touch with a company’s target audience.

Identity crises can be solved with the help of an innovative packaging supplier that can guide you a more brand-focused design. Contact JohnsByrne today to learn more about redefining your brand image through packaging.

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