Packaging And Social Media – Is Your Packaging Instagram Worthy?

Published On: July 16, 2019

Social media and technology have completely revolutionized the way we reach consumers and how we market to them. Social media gives brands and customers a chance to connect and plays a critical role in the buying decision process. Because packaging is often the very first impression that people have of your brand, it is crucial for packaging to be worthy of being shareable on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

With platforms like Instagram being so visually driven, your packaging design plays a crucial role in whether it’s social media worthy.  How can a brand ensure that it is worthy of being shared on social media?

Building an Impactful Design

One of the most important steps of designing packaging that is social media worthy is to create an impactful design. Remember that the user needs to want to share the packaging on social media. One of the ways to make packaging impactful is to have it tell a story. Some of questions that brands need to answer before designing impactful packaging include:

  • What is the mission of the brand?
  • What message is the brand trying to send?
  • How will the brand resonate with the expectations, feelings, and values of the customer?

If your brand can resonate with the customer, it is more likely to be impactful. Brands need to use value added packaging to marry their mission with the expectations of customers. This is what truly makes packaging impactful.

Minimalism is a Growing Trend

Minimalist packaging is on the rise and is popular, particularly with the younger generation. Even though there is still a lot of nostalgia for the bright, flashy or flashy designs, minimalist packaging is highly popular and trending.

Minimalism is a way to reduce the packaging of a brand down to its purest form. This type of packaging allows the brand to speak for itself. Brands that desire to leave a lasting impression on potential customers should let the product speak for itself. Minimalist packaging allows a brand to do just that. 

It is important to note that minimalism doesn’t mean simplistic. By stripping away anything that is unnecessary, only the essence of the brand will remain.

Ensure Your Packaging is Quickly Recognized

For packaging to be worthy of being shared on social media, your customer and any followers need to know what it’s your packaging. Brands need to find a way to be distinctive so their packaging is easily recognized on social media platforms, such as Instagram. Therefore, take a look at what is already on the market and find a way to design a unique, distinctive packaging design that exemplifies your brand. This will make your packaging easily recognizable. 

Make Your Packaging Experiential

Experiential packaging is worthy of being shared on social media. Experiential packaging is about engaging the customer and giving them something that they can discuss on social media. This helps a brand stand out from the crowd because the packaging design creates an experience that is worth sharing and memorable. In this sense, experiential packaging is about more than just protecting the product. It’s about communicating and connecting with customers.

Packaging and the World of Social Media: Building a Brand

To build an industry-leading brand, packaging needs to be worthy of being shared on social media. These are only a few of the many ways that a brand can build its packaging to be social media-friendly. Ultimately, in order to maximize the appeal of your product’s packaging, it is helpful to enlist the help of trained professionals. At JohnsByrne, we are able to join the message of your brand with a packaging design that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. This will help increase the exposure of your brand in a quality way. Why not find out how we can help you improve your brand’s packaging?

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