Key Considerations For Developing Packaging For Your Demographic

Published On: May 7, 2015

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely to realize that effective and profitable brands are those that stand out distinctively—and innovative product packaging is a critical element for effective brand standout. Whether you’re rebranding an existing product or developing a new product launch, great packaging and structural design can give your brand the necessary visibility to stand out on crowded retail shelves. In turn, this will attract customers who will remain loyal to your brand. Today, retail environments are a highly competitive place, with 70 percent of purchase decisions made in store and only 10 percent of shoppers making the decision to switch brands inside a store.

Brand Packaging Design Tips

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Attention-grabbing structural packaging design is more than simply being different. It’s about breaking the mold. Just as great packaging design can make your product stand out, poor packaging design can significantly affect your efforts and diminish your profits. We’ve put together a collection of tips and key considerations to keep you on trend and help you develop strong brand packaging design that sparks the attention of your customers, so your products can fly off the shelves.

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Packaging is an Investment

Many brands fail to attribute enough significance to packaging design, and this is a mistake that will ultimately cost them in multiple ways. An investment in high-quality package design signifies to customers that your brand has value. When you increase the perceived value of your brand through distinctive, creative, carefully evaluated and well-executed packaging design, you’re able to compete with other products in your range and charge a premium price.

Package with Personality

Go right when others go left! If you do things differently and develop a really compelling personality for your brand, it can have massive shelf impact. Our experts can help with ideas and initial collaboration, and we can develop prototypes and samples for review.

Assuming you’ve thoroughly developed your brand’s personality and what it stands for, the next step is picking out key characteristics of your brand. This can include:

  • Character(s)
  • Tone of voice
  • Storyline
  • Sense of humor
  • Language

In addition to the above, there are several other elements that come together to maximize effect in your packaging design in a way that’s relevant to your primary customer. It’s these kinds of details that capture attention, create distinction, engender interaction, provoke emotional engagement, and help build a long-term loyal and profitable customer base.

Keep it Simple & Clear

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The most successful brand packaging is iconic and easily recognizable—and when it comes to package design, usually less is more. Your product packaging should convey your brand at a glance, and instantly tell the customer how your product is used. Developing a clear and simple package design will go a long way toward giving your brand increased visibility on store shelves.

Study the Competition

While it’s definitely important for your packaging to stand apart, you also need to consider the known “lingo” of product category packaging—the aspects that signify what the product is, in a way your customers are already familiar with. Look to successful brands in your space and consider what their package design has in common. This does not necessarily refer just to packaging colors, but also the physical or structural design, materials used, on-pack messaging, and so forth. Your packaging must be distinctively different but your customers must still be able to relate to it in a way that’s relevant to them and their needs within that product category.

Be Honest

Packaging design should make your product look attractive, but not at the expense of honesty. A misleading package design that promises something not contained in the package will damage your reputation and your brand—for example, depicting a chocolate-drenched dessert on a carton of simple chocolate candies is not a correct depiction of the product inside!

At JohnsByrne, we know our clients are looking innovation in packaging and print. The need for advancement in printing is often followed by the thought that a great idea will cost too much or that it can’t be done on press. JohnsByrne understands that this is a very real dilemma facing clients daily, which is why we developed a solution that delivers more creative freedom while maintaining the budget.

Contact JohnsByrne today to learn more about what our high-quality printing services can do for your product and brand.

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