Less Is More: When Packaging Simplicity Is A Must

Published On: October 6, 2016

From lenticular or holographic effects to finishing effects that leave the final product textured or three dimensional, modern packaging design options are almost limitless. The hundreds of different structural and visual effects allow for unprecedented creativity and variation in packaging design – but creativity should never be at the expense of simplicity or elegance. In countless cases, the most memorable brand presentation is also the simplest.

Structural Design That Won’t Distract

As thought leaders in the packaging industry, we at JohnsByrne pride ourselves on the abilities of our innovative structural design team. We consistently press the limit and expand upon what’s been done before to create new, cutting-edge packaging solutions. While complex, intricate structural work can be effective, it can also distract from the product itself, detracting from the packaging presentation’s overall impact. Our goal is to hear and understand your concept, incorporating them into a design that will accentuate and effectively showcase your product. Simplicity, elegance, and function are often the most powerful guiding factors in converting your conceptual ideas into a stunning reality.

Effective Use of Color

Bottle brand designers are embellishing with coating and finishing effects

Brands use color as an integral part of any marketing approach, to the point where the colors and products become subconsciously associated in consumers’ minds – consider the green of the Starbucks logo, or the red and white of Coca-Cola cans and labels. Both of these brands use simple designs and one or two signature colors to create an image that stands out, is ultimately memorable, and is easily recognized from a distance –even in the absence of the actual brand name.

With an entire world of color available to you, it can be tempting to want to use a wide spectrum for your packaging design. While in some cases this approach may be effective, the use of too many colors can actually diminish the packaging’s overall impact, as too many competing elements blend together into a muddled presentation that distracts from the value of the product itself.

Whether a particular color is the iconic representation of your brand, or simply a desired aspect of the product’s packaging, we know that uniformity of color is of the utmost importance. Thanks to quality control measures that are above and beyond industry standards, and a color management team that is uniquely equipped to guarantee the colors you expect, across a wide variety of substrates, on different presses, and achieved at each of our different locations, the JohnsByrne team has you covered.

Keep It Short and Sweet

White Barn 002

When faced with the “blank canvas” of a packaging design, it can be tempting to want to fill the space with graphics and text. Today’s consumers don’t have the patience to read blocks of text, and simple, elegant design has proven to be more effective in attracting interest. Limiting your text to a few bold words against a solid background maximizes the impact, and creates a more lasting impression on consumers. Designs that try to do too many things at once tend to get in their own way, undermining their own effectiveness by distracting from the most important points.

No two brands are alike, so the packaging design that works best for one product line will not be as effective for another – even for a similar product.

At JohnsByrne, we encourage you to come to us with your ideas, then let us do the heavy lifting and bring your concepts to life. Your involvement and feedback at every step will assist us to tailor the packaging project to be exactly as it needs to be to inspire consumers. For innovative packaging solutions that work, contact us today.

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