Organic Food Packaging: What Consumers Want

Published On: May 3, 2016

The organic food market has grown tremendously in the last few years. According to the USDA, the demand for organically produced goods has seen a double-digit growth and can be found in nearly 3 out of 4 conventional grocery and chain stores. An increase consumer demand for organic products means more companies are incorporating organic and all-natural food items into their product lines.

Because many organic goods are slightly higher-priced than their non-organic counterparts, packaging for these products needs to be reflective of the same quality standards. To differentiate themselves, organic foods and goods producers not only have to compete with other organic products, but also with non-organic products on the market.

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Packaging organic products requires a unique blend of creativity to meet consumer expectations and deliver on quality and brand promise. So what do consumers want from organic food packaging?

Premium Quality

Above all, consumers turn to organic products for quality. From sourcing the best ingredients to using only natural ingredients, organic good companies need to reflect the same quality in their packaging. Conveying a sense of premium quality can be achieved through deliberate packaging designs that incorporate higher-quality packaging materials, structures and finishes.

Because a product’s packaging is often the first touch a consumer has with a brand, it’s critical to deliver on the value expectations from consumers. A quality packaging design will easily distinguish an organic, natural product from conventional, mass-produced products.

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The organic movement is all about transparency. From showing ingredients used to the source of their origin, organic food products and goods rely on transparency to deliver a message of transparency and “good for you” quality to consumers.

How does this translate in packaging? Unique packaging that allows consumers to see the foods, such as windowing, can be a great way to be transparent. Additionally, creatively educating the consumer and incorporating the sourcing of ingredients or the production of the products can be achieved through strategic placement of text and graphics.


Backyard Farms

Similar to transparency, consumers equate organic goods as pure and better for them. They have similar expectations of their packaging. From soy-based inks to recycled materials or recyclability, packaging needs to also deliver on the purity message. More organic structures that make the products easy to handle or use can also convey a sense of purity.

Not doing can conflict with the promise of a wholesome product. Keeping packaging simple, yet elegant and exciting is key to staying pure and really putting the product first.

Visual Elements

Graphics, text and other visual elements are crucial for any brand packaging. For organic products, these elements are extra important. The idea of going back to nature is a common association consumers make when choosing to buy organic products.

Packaging that conveys a more natural approach can be achieved by using high-quality photography that makes the healthful benefits apparent, ingredient call-outs and color choices. Photography that is uncluttered and showcases products in their natural state as well as paying special attention to how nutritional qualities and features are represented in the packaging is a must for creating a packaging design that is as healthful and wholesome as consumers expect.

Creating a Wholesome Food Packaging Design
Organic foods and goods are making a mark in just about every market. From foods to health and beauty, organic products are here to stay. Creating packaging that matches a product’s healthful promise requires experienced packaging specialists. Contact the packaging specialists at JohnsByne to learn how we can help you create a wholesome packaging for your organic products!

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