Our Favorite Product Packaging Designs Of 2015

Published On: December 31, 2015

As the year comes to a close, it’s always fun to take a look back at 2015 and remember our favorite packaging designs and trends of the year. So we asked our packaging team about their favorite packaging projects of 2015. Here’s what they had to share:


structural retail packaging printing
Structure of luxury packaging

Utilizing a sophisticated, sleek three-piece folding carton, nutraceutical brand Nerium was able to press the limits with its new design. The brand has a particular focus on anti-aging products and body wellness, which makes a well-crafted, eye-catching package a necessity.

The carton’s design holds a unique and proprietary element because the inserthas a locking design that prevents the base and insert from being separated. Only the top lid can be removed when revealing the product. Our team loved this unique locking design because it was innovative and resulted in a high-end package that engages customers. The new Nerium packaging design is a perfect fit for a quality nutraceutical line.

June Jacobs

skincare packging design

With a wide array of luxury spa products to promote and differentiate, June Jacobs needed specialty packaging to make each line stand out. In addition, attractive packaging is an essential for any health and beauty and product. Using a combination of press, post-press, and coatings, June Jacobs was able to get a great new look, and this project was one of our favorites of the year because the new packaging design was budget friendly, too!

Read more about June Jacob’s packaging success story.

New Call-to-action


casamigos spirit packaging design

The wine and spirits market gets more competitive all the time, so Casamigos Tequila needed a distinctive look that would meet the brand’s high standards. The final result combined a wide range of treatments and finishes to capture customers’ lines of vision from the shelf, as well as command more attention through texture when they pick it up.

This project utilized custom Pantone shades and silver pre-foil sheets to give the carton a shiny look that catches the eye from a distance. After the press effects were appliedembossing and debossing effects were applied to render an even more compelling aesthetic. We loved this project because it allowed us to show off our skills as a true industry innovator.

Read more about Casamigo’s packaging.



Another reason why 2015 was a great year for the packaging team at JohnsByrne was Press384, our one-of-a-kind signature press designed and configured specially for us. It offers three coating units, eight print units, and four drying units—making up the 384. Our new press has enabled us to offer even more creative freedom to clients, so one of our top projects of the year was the pop-up promotional mailer to highlight the enhanced capabilities.

The pop-up mailer folds into a compact carrying case that says, “Open for More Creative Freedom.” Upon opening, this interactive promo piece springs into action to form a smaller version of Press384, complete with all 15 units, a catwalk, finished press sheets, and a memorial plaque to give clients a fully engaging experience. Of course, the piece was produced directly on Press384.

Learn more about the Press384 back story. 

These were some of our favorite projects of this year, and we’re excited to see what 2016 will bring. Contact JohnsByrne to learn how we can press the limits on your next packaging, point-of-sale, or direct mail project.

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