How Packaging Influences Consumer Behavior

Published On: February 7, 2017

In the modern world, consumers are faced with an ever-increasing number of purchasing decisions and alternatives. The typical American supermarket carries more than 30,000 products, all competing for consumer attention. In most cases, a typical 30-minute shopping session is all the time companies have to attract, excite, establish value, and sell their product. With so much competition, custom packaging solutions are one of the best opportunities for manufacturers and marketers to communicate their brand’s message visually, positioning their product as a better choice than any of their competitors.

First Impressions Matter

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There are endless variations and options for structural design, but certain packaging elements are particularly influential in regards to how soon the product catches the eye. Among those are:

  • Color
  • Images
  • Typography
  • Brand name influence
  • Structural design
  • Print finishes

According to reports by the University of Miami and the California Institute of Technology, packaging has been proven as a crucial factor in decision-making. Packaging has been directly related to the perceived quality of the product, and it affects whether a product is noticed on the shelf. With that in mind, companies should integrate various types of buying influences into their packaging in order to be successful. A few key considerations include:



The customer responds to an advertisement or display. For example: a child asking for a brightly colored toy.


Before purchase, each product has its own mysterious appeal. What will it feel like? How well will it perform? What problems will it solve? What will it be like to own it?

Emotional Response

Purchase decisions can induce positive and negative emotions such as satisfaction or guilt.


Some packaging arouses urgent purchase desires. Limited edition items are a prime example.



Product packaging can evoke feelings of belonging to a certain social group, income bracket, or desired lifestyle.


Some packaging simply looks appealing if the consumer is at the right place at the right time. For example: bright, appetizing food packaging when the consumer is very hungry.

In the case of less expensive and low-risk products, the consumer has relatively low involvement in the purchase—that means that packaging can be the sole motivating factor. These types of products are often impulse buys partially or largely influenced by packaging. As brands continue to work hard to meet consumer demands, attractive packaging will always hold a preferential place.

Subconscious Influence

Aesthetic aspects like color, typography, brightness and other graphics influence how potential buyers perceive the product on the shelf. Products that are attractively packaged are more closely examined and the competition is narrowed down. Perpetual processes run parallel in the brain of the consumer along with economic value computations. All of this together influence how the final decision is made.

It has been estimated that 60-70 percent of buying decisions are made in the store. Often times, the consumer leaves home with a definite purpose in mind, but no loyalty to any one brand or product. The final choice depends on a variety of factors. Some consumers go for a household brand name; some prefer to do extensive research, and large majorities buy on impulse. Those decisions are often influenced by good package design, product perceptions, knowledge and reputation of the brand, consumer personality, lifestyle, culture and more.

It all comes down to this: innovative packaging taps into the hearts and minds of consumers. Reach out to us to help you create the perfect packaging solution for your business.

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