Packaging Trend: Natural Patterns And Materials

Published On: November 1, 2017

The world of packaging is constantly evolving to keep up with consumer demand and to stay relevant among increasingly creative and innovative packaging designs. One trend that has been increasingly popular in recent months is printing effects to create the appearance of a natural material, such as wood or marble. Although an option for secondary product packaging as part of an overall branding effort, these effects are more commonly used for promotional packaging and sample kits mailed out to distributors.

Sending a Message: Sustainable and Down-to-Earth

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Recreating the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone on cardboard, paper, or plastic packaging is particularly common among companies whose branding is centered around using natural or raw ingredients. Brands that value the use of non-synthetic, organic, non-GMO ingredients have long been drawn to simpler, more “natural” appearing packaging: earthy tones with a matte finish are a common choice for these brands, as they give the impression of being less processed. The ability to use printing effects to achieve a look similar to wood, stone, or marble takes this on step farther by eliminating the appearance of cardboard or plastic altogether.

A movement toward more natural-looking packaging may also be accompanied by a shift toward using recyclable and/or recycled materials in packaging to align packaging practices with an overall brand message of sustainability and environmental awareness. A larger brand may also use natural-looking press effects specifically for the packaging of a more “natural” or “raw” line of products. This trend is especially popular within the food industry and among health and beauty products.

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Getting that Second Glance

With so many competing products available on the market, half the battle of attracting new customers is simply getting your packaging noticed, whether by consumers themselves or the retail teams that will be selling to them. When the packaging for so many different companies follows the same general design pattern, an eye-catching digital printing effect can be the difference between being overlooked and earning a second glance. Paperboard that is printed to look like marble, granite, wood, or stone creates a sense of intrigue and encourages consumer interaction with the product.

Packaging that looks like one material but is, in fact, another almost compels the viewer to pick it up and engage with it, if only to look more closely. Once your product is off the shelf and in the consumer’s hands it is far more likely that the consumer will then purchase the product or will, at least, make note of it mentally.

Choosing the Right Packaging Company

A creative and innovative packaging should be able to do more than meet your expectations – it should exceed them, and be a powerful enhancement for your overall packaging plan. At JohnsByrne, our team is dedicated to finding and implementing unique packaging solutions that address our clients’ specific needs and goals. To learn more about how JohnsByrne can help resolve your unique packaging needs, contact us today.

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