5 Signs You Need A Packaging Redesign

Published On: October 15, 2014

One of the most crucial components of a product’s image and sales is its package design.  Whether your brand hasn’t considered a package redesign in one or ten years, many signals exist to point companies toward the need for a design overhaul.

Telltale Signs of a Package Design Rut

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when to start looking for new packaging design ideas; other times, companies need to do some research and soul-searching to make this decision. Ways to tell one or more of your products need a new package design include:

packaging trends

1. Sales are slowing down. Creative product packaging is a major draw for shoppers. What may have appeared unique and innovative five years ago may now look dated or out of touch. Whether incorporating new shapes, colors, or packaging methods into your redesign, a revamped vessel may be exactly what your product needs to catch consumers’ eyes again.

2. Packaging costs are too high. Perhaps the design and materials you’ve used in the past have increased in price, or perhaps you’re looking for areas to cut costs. Either way, switching to a more economically produced package design doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or quality.

3. A new technology has emerged. Have you seen another company using a distinctive new packaging design? Although copying off of a competitor is out of the question, applying new inspirations to future containers is simply smart business.

4. Your product has changed. Products often evolve over time, requiring a different size, shape, or type of package. When this happens, it represents the ideal opportunity to take another look at your current design.

5. Your brand needs better visual unification. This can occur when companies acquire new products or brands and need to update packaging for all their items. The new package design can incorporate elements from two or more of the old designs to optimize consumers’ sense of familiarity.

Additional Considerations for New Packaging Designs

After making the decision to redesign a package, it is important to undergo an intentional, thorough planning process to ensure the new container reflects your brand’s goals, messaging, and functionality. Questions to ask during a packaging redesign include:

  • Will the brand remain recognizable to our loyal customers? Customers who have purchased your product for years should be able to identify your brand within the new design.
  • Does the new design meet our objectives? Establish clear goals for what the new packaging should accomplish, and don’t implement it until the plan or prototype meets them.
  • Is this a unique design? Research competitors’ packaging designs to ensure your new one won’t be too similar. Your brand should maintain a solid identity to make the greatest impact on consumers.

Whether you are still considering a change to your product’s packaging design or are ready to implement it, JohnsByrne is ready to advise you regarding your project. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging design and manufacturing services. What aspects of your product packaging need an update or upgrade?

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