Speed Up Product Time To Market With Packaging Design

Published On: January 14, 2016

Accelerating Product Time to Market by Streamlining the Packaging Design and Development Process

In today’s hyper-competitive market, it’s crucial to release new products as soon as possible. Whether you’re working on a brand new packaging project, rebranding or doing a packaging refresh, streamlining the packaging design and development process will accelerate speed-to-market. With that in mind, how can the design and development process be compressed or simplified to get to the shelf faster without compromising quality and effectiveness?

Overcoming this challenge may be easier than you think! Working with your qualified packaging and print supplier can greatly streamline and simplify the entire design and development process, whether it’s folding cartons, set boxes or promotional launch kits. These projects are often highly time sensitive. Here’s some ways it works:



The best way to start is sharing your program, brand, or launch goals with your supplier because this drastically reduces time right from the beginning. There will be less back and forth during the project, and advance notice allows your supplier to prepare for the work that will need to be done.

Know Your Specifications or Know When You Need Help


While having the specifications for the project is always a big help, your supplier can collaborate with you to determine the right shape and size of your package if you aren’t sure. The earlier you recognize you need to collaborate on the design specifications, the more time you can shave off from your timeline and avoid any future problems

Collaborate During the Concept Stage

Working together is key through all steps of the process, but it’s especially important to collaborate during the concept stage can help you determine whether a particular design is feasible, as well as if there are any potential risks or costs. Suppliers have the expertise to provide advice on any possible issues with a proposed design.

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Communicate Internally with Your Stakeholders

Packaging projects often have a number of people involved to bring everything together. Keeping the lines of communication open ensures everything runs smoothly and on time. Throughout the development to production process, there are a number of decisions made that require clients to relay information back to key stakeholders.

Packaging Development

Packaging Development

Working hand in hand with your supplier to develop prototypes of your packaging ensures everyone is on the same page and prevents any delays further down the road. Using the prototypes expedites production.


Testing is a crucial stage in a folding carton or launch kit project. Working with your supplier to ensure your packaging meets any standards or specifications. Suppliers are often able to complete extensive sets of testing to make sure the design is viable.



Some turn-key suppliers are able to design fulfillment and packout needs based on your requirements. Quality suppliers may even have their own fulfillment capabilities, further speeding up the process.


JohnsByrne excels at speeding up time to market, whether your project is a folding carton for a new product or a launch kit for a new item. Contact us today to learn more.

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