The Unboxing Experience: Why It Matters & How To Do It Right

Published On: July 30, 2019

The unveiling or unpacking of a product can be just as crucial as the packaging itself. The experience consumers have while unboxing a product has become so important that large retailers are focusing not just on packaging but the unboxing experience as well.

In fact, the unboxing experience has become so important that there are hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube from consumers unboxing a myriad of products. From unboxing iPhones, iPads and Birchbox boxes, there’s millions of viewers waiting to see the unveiling of a product. 

But more than getting views on YouTube and social media, the unboxing and unveiling experience is the beginning of a consumer’s experience with your brand and product. A good experience is the start of a loyal customer.

So how can brands use the unboxing experience as a way to impact consumers and build loyalty?

Everything Needs to Have a Function

When it comes to the unboxing experience, it’s important to remember how the consumer will be interacting with every portion of your packaging. Is the closure easy to open? Are there multiple layers to go through? Are there trays, windows or other items to consider? If your packaging has multiple pieces, is there a proper way to open and set the various pieces aside? If there’s content on the inside of the packaging, what does it say? Is it important for brand messaging or for providing directions on how to use the product?

Whether you’re packaging a collector’s set or one of the latest tech gadgets, it’s important to consider the process of unpackaging your product for a successful unveiling.

Keep Brand Identity at the Forefront

Your packaging needs to act as a brand ambassador. Therefore, your packaging needs to clearly reflect your brand identity. Creating value added packaging for your unboxing experience is a great way to show consumers what your brand is about while they open your product.

In the world of online shopping, consumers are unable ask questions or hold a product prior to purchasing it. Therefore, they crave the consistency that a solid brand will provide. Recognizable branding will provide reassurance to consumers and lead to a favorable interaction with your brand. Your packaging also acts as an advertisement for your product – think unboxing videos and product reveal, so make sure your brand is at the forefront of your packaging.

Create an Exciting Product Reveal

With unboxing videos serving as an important marketing tool, it is critical for brands to design their packaging to create an exciting reveal. As consumers unbox a package and reveal the product that is inside, there is a subconscious level of curiosity and excitement that is created. This plays a critical role in the customer experience. They are anxiously wondering whether or not the product is going to meet their expectations. Brands need to capitalize on this curiosity and delight by designing an unboxing process that will create a bit of drama. Therefore, put some thought into everything that the customer is going to see from picking up the box to revealing the product inside. As each item is removed, the customer should be led through a dramatic stage performance that ends with the product of their dreams. This will make for a fantastic customer experience and unboxing video, furthering your marketing initiatives and consumer loyalty.

Creating a Solid Unboxing Process: Maximizing Your Packaging

With social media and internet marketing playing a bigger role than ever before, the unboxing process is critical. The unboxing of a product can be used as a marketing tool and further brand loyalty. In order to create a solid unboxing process and take advantage of this in the world of marketing, it is helpful to work with a packaging specialist.

Reach out to JohnsByrne to get help from our packaging specialists on how to elevate the unboxing process of your brand today!

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