Top 3 Packaging Elements That Influence And Drive Sales Growth

Published On: August 17, 2016

When it comes to driving sales and influencing consumer shopping behavior, there are three elements of packing that stand above the rest: the brand, the message, and the attractiveness of the package. When designing packaging for your products, it’s important to focus on these three elements to create a successful package that helps drive sales. Let’s explore how these three elements come together to influence shopper behavior.

The Brand

All marketing begins with building an image, i.e. a brand, that you want to represent your company, and then sharing what makes that brand better and unique from the others in your industry. The name of your product is often the starting point that can lead to marketing themes that your consumers will start to recognize as part of your brand.

When you then align that brand with unique packaging characteristics, it enables consumers to instantly recognize your packaging and provides authority that in turn leads to higher sales.

If you’re seeking to truly differentiate your packaging and enhance brand awareness, features such as unexpected materials, unique sizes and shapes, and distinguishing characteristics are a great way to highlight and call attention to your unique brand.

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The Message

People are attracted to a “story”. If your packaging tells a story and hooks a consumer to come back and buy more, you’ll drive more sales. Packaging that has a unique message and tells a story must stand out from the competition. For example, if you sell an organic product in environmentally-friendly packaging created from recycled, organic materials, you’re sharing a message that people should take care of the environment. The packaging of your product helps share a message you want to communicate with consumers, or tell a story of what your product can offer. When the message is consistent with the brand and visual appeal, it will contribute to your products salability.

Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal Shopper Influence

The appearance of the packaging is one of the first things consumers notice about your product and will influence and drive sales. It’s important to be consistent, using the same signature colors and styling across all of your brand’s products. This helps drive home your brand and its message, and if these elements are chosen with your target audience in mind, it will also help attract buyers to your product on crowded retail shelves.

In addition to catching the consumer’s eye with colors, patterns, and unique shapes and structures, the visual appeal of your brand may be further complemented by incorporating tactile treatments. Such treatments – everything from velvety flocking to raised UV coatings – are particularly useful when selling products in retail stores where consumers have the opportunity to see and feel the product packaging.

Creating multipacks or “bonus” packages is another effective way to draw attention to your product and encourage more sales. Whenever you can incorporate multiple retail items into a single package you increase your products visibility and help it stand out on the retail shelves. Using boxes with die cut windows creates an appealing presentation compared to folding carton boxes since consumers can take a peek inside to see your product in all of its three-dimensional glory!

Packaging is more than just a container for your products. When it comes to influencing consumer behavior and increasing sales, you must rely on the three elements to make your products stand out in a crowded market place: brand, message, and visual appeal. Packaging designed with these three elements in mind will stand out to consumers and help drive more sales.

You need packaging that draws attention to your product even when it’s placed on a shelf alongside similar products of your competitors. From impactful graphics to unique structures and interactive packaging, the experts at JohnsByrne can help create the right packaging for your product. Contact us today to discuss how we can put our expertise to work for you!

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