How Advanced Printing Technology Reduces Printing Costs

Published On: July 14, 2016

Advancements in technology have been altering our world for hundreds of years. From Gutenberg’s printing press to the rise of computers, technology is responsible for making unthinkable things possible and making things more efficient.

Increased efficiencies, of course, usually mean reduced costs. Today, we’ll discuss how advanced printing technology and equipment can actually help reduce overall printing costs. Whether it means reducing product times, the ability to do multiple passes in one pass, or increased automation, advances in printing technology are all helping raise the bar on print quality.

At JohnsByrne, we’re always a step ahead of print technology. This allows us to deliver on our commitment to high quality and creative printing solutions. In this post, we’ll share how some of our favorite print technology helps reduce costs and improve quality.

G7 Certification  G7 -Certification

G7 is a certified process and a color calibration method that allows printers to effectively and efficiently manage color consistency and repeatability across printing devices and from run-to run. Although color management sounds like something that should have been around for hundreds of years, the truth is that it’s a complicated process. Achieving the unique calibrations that consistently produce just the right hue of a color is already challenging. Add to that the fact that each press has its own unique settings and that each substrate will provide different results, and you have a big challenge on your hands to deliver consistent color integrity across devices and substrates. This is what allows brands like Coca-Cola to recreate consistent printing no matter where in the world or what substrate is used.

With our G7 Master Certification, JOhnsByrne we meet the color matching standards of the IDEAlliance,. At JohnsByrne, though, we don’t just aim to be within our customers color requirements; we strive to exceed them every time. We do this through a unique, perfected approach that allows us to achieve better color matching and consistency.

Color matching and consistency is key to ensuring quality printing that reduces waste and printing cost overruns. Instead of having to send back jobs because of inconsistent or mismatched colors, you can rest assured that the G7 technology will ensure consistent color matching from job to job and even printer to printer – even at a different location!

Advanced Printing Presses Like Press384

Printing presses of the 21st century offer creativity, innovation and speed. And that’s just exactly what the JohnsByrne Press384 allows us to do.


One of our latest investments in our pressroom is our 15-unit, Heidelberg triple-coater press, Press 384. Configured exclusively for JohnsByrne, the Press384 features three coaters, eight print units, and four dryer units. This one-of-a-kind press is rated for speeds of up to 18k sheets per hour, providing maximum speeds in one convenient press, even on difficult substrates.

The efficiency of this press begins with a press feeder that is computer controlled for a non-stop supply of sheets for increased productivity, which translates into reduced make-ready times and a higher overall output. And who will argue that reduced production times and higher output don’t lead to reduced overall costs?

Advanced Print Techniques


The use of custom techniques and press effects can often create extraordinary effects that would otherwise require specialty substrates. This is a common situation we run across at JohnsByrne. A client desires a unique final look and feel to their packaging, but is limited by a budget.

Thankfully, our experience and knowledge of advanced printing techniques allows us to deliver cost-saving ideas to our customers. Using advanced printing techniques like reticulation, we are able to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind print-effects that are unimaginable. Reticulating patterns, among other advanced off-press techniques, allow us to achieve specialty effects that would only be feasible using superior materials and substrates.

Combining Ingenuity, Technology and Experience for Maximum Results

At JohnsByrne, we stand behind our quality. Providing consistent quality and going above and beyond to maximize our customers’ investments is part of our culture.

Contact us today to discuss how our advanced print technology can help you achieve packaging success while reducing costs!
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