Taking Nutraceuticals And Personal Care From Commodity To Decorative

Published On: February 24, 2016

The nutraceutical industry is one of the fastest growing markets and quickly becoming one of the most fiercely competitive. The nutra market blew up from $38.2 billion (in 1999) to a whopping $140.1 billion (in 2010) and continues to expand every year. Consumers are buying these products to help with weight, aging, supplementation, and performance all that help people to look and feel as good as possible. As a result of the higher demand and the ever expanding technology of the formulas, choices and tastes has led to packaging being a primary method of differentiation. Many packages are becoming far more decorative, whether it helps the function of the product or makes it more visually striking.

More decorative items seem to go a long way toward making products stand out on the shelf. Learn more about how to transform your nutraceutical or personal care brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why Is It Important to Stand Out?

While many of these products are necessities, it can be difficult to win new customers when they already have established preferences for other brands. Presenting a similar product in a decorative fashion may give you a competitive edge.
Systane packaging design

Many personal care products, such as toothpaste or lotion, are sold at a low price point, meaning customers do not usually spend a long time deliberating between different brands. In addition, these products provide similar benefits, so there is not much of a drawn-out consideration process like there would be for higher-end items. Plus, personal care products are periodically replaced, so if consumers don’t like their selection, they can choose something else the next time they need the item. Interestingly, some of the most established brands that we have grown up on are feeling the competition and adjusting their packaging to be more modern and more eye catching. Take Geritol who completely rebranded their packaging with a fresh new look as well as implemented hints of foil stamped bands on their cartons.

Geritol packaging and print design

How to Make Commodity Packaging More Decorative
nutraceutical supplement packaging

Elevating your nutraceutical packaging may be easier than you think. Using specialty printing effects on your packaging designs takes your brand to the next level, especially in a crowded market segment. Here is a look at some tactics you can apply to your packaging strategies to press the limits and impress consumers:

Mylar foil boards: Mylar foil boards come in different holographic patterns, which can instantly make your personal care packaging design more compelling. Whether in a solid, metallic color or a detailed pattern, this technique instantly makes packages stand out on the shelf. Metallics help draw the eye in.

Embossing: Texture makes a big difference in making packaging more distinctive. Embossing is a great choice for personal care packaging because it also creates a visual effect. Customers will be able to see raised letters or logos before they pick up the item from the shelf. Embossing can make the package more intriguing to hold as well.

Soft touch coatings: Taking the texture aspect a step further, soft touch coatings are ideal for personal care items. Consider lotions or moisturizers. People purchase these products in hopes of softer skin, so soft touch coatings can act as a subtle marketing message. This press effect also provides something unexpected from other personal care or nutraceutical brands.

printing coating and finishes ebook

Find Packaging Designs that Work for Your Brand

Personal care and nutraceutical brands need compelling packaging strategies that will help them win over customers and stand out from competition. However, not all packaging partners are the same or offer high-quality printing effects. Contact JohnsByrne today to learn more about how you can elevate your personal care packaging from the standard commodity appearance to highly decorative.

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