How To Use Print Coatings & Finishes To Highlight The Best Attributes Of Your Packaging

Published On: August 13, 2015

Print coatings and finishes are the “little black dress” of packaging. Just like little black dresses, print coatings and finishes help complete the package, and also offer a wide versatility for dressing up or dressing down your packaging.

While packaging designers have options for a variety of coatings, finishes and varnishes, the challenge is to use them strategically to highlight the best attributes of the packaging or folding carton itself. At times a simple, small touch is all that is needed. Other times, an all-over effect may be necessary to achieve the right look for your packaging.

Here are five coating options and how to use them to enhance and accentuate the best attributes of your packaging design.
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Raised UV Coatings

UV coating for dramatic effect to your packaging design

Raised UV coatings are an ideal way to add dramatic effect to your packaging design. Applied on art or specific graphics, raised UV coatings add volume to these and create a dimensional look and feel for your packaging.

Reticulating Patterns

Reticulation is a process  that creates patterns with stunning visuals.

Reticulation is an on-press process that is well suited for creating a visual or tactile effect. By combining a unique patterned varnish with an overall UV coating, you can create a signature pattern with stunning visual and tactile appeal. Reticulation can be used to create unique tactile patterns such as animal skins and faux leather.

Dull Varnishes

Similar to raised UV coatings, a dull varnish can be applied to specific areas on your packaging design to create a high contrasting effect against a higher gloss area. This is great effect for prints or text. By adding a dull varnish to a background, important text with high gloss will jump out when contrasted against the dulled areas.

Embossing and Debossing

Multi-level or single-level embossing or debossing technique

Embossing and debossing, raising and depressing respectively, offer a unique option for creating a tactile experience for consumers interacting with your packaging. By either raising or depressing specific areas of your packaging such as your logo, you can create clearly differentiated surface that begs to be touched. Whether you opt for using a sculptured, multi-level or single-level embossing or debossing technique, the overall effect will be one that makes a statement.

Make an impact with single-level embossing or debossing technique

Foil Stamping

If adding a metallic or reflective element to your packaging is what you’re looking for, foil stamping is a great solution. When used on your brand name, tag lines or specific language on your packaging, foils can instantly transform and elevate your packaging. With a variety of colors and metallic options available, foil stamping is a sure way to get your product noticed. For some luxury brands, foil stamping adds a sense of luxury and increases the overall perceived value of the product.

Finding a Packaging Partner with Equipment Capabilities

Find an expert packaging supplier

Highlighting the best attributes of your brand can be achieved through thoughtful usage and application of innovative print coatings as well as press and post-press effects.

Finding a packaging supplier that has expertise and adequate equipment to create these effects is key to making your packaging, whether a rigid box, launch kit, or folding carton, into something truly exceptional.

JohnsByrne’s modern and robust 250,000 sq ft facility has everything you need to press the limits and make your packaging distinguishable and dazzling. Contact us to discuss how we can help you take your packaging design from great to extraordinary.

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