Personal Care Packaging Design Trends

Published On: February 9, 2017

Personal care is evolving, taking its cue from nutraceuticals and cosmetics to create interest and appeal on the shelf. When it comes to personal care packaging, eye-appeal and functionality are both exceptionally important.

With a focus on men as well as women, personal care packaging design is transforming, taking the best from other industries and molding it to suit this product category. Top trends in personal care packaging design include:

Simplification in Design

Essentialism – a focus on what is essential – is an emerging trend in packaging today. The best designs have clarity of purpose and convey a simple message in an overcrowded market. They identify what the customer is searching for and express it clearly, coming off as refreshingly honest, never lazy or incomplete. Simplification of packaging design may involve using:

  • Simple text and graphics
  • Larger text
  • Straightforward, simple messages
  • Basic shapes
  • Primary colors

Focus on Green

From colors to materials, green is the focus of new personal care packaging designs. A new generation of consumers is nourishing the growth of environmentally responsible packaging, including recycled paper and FSC® certified materials. Burt’s Bees, for example, promotes the sustainability of its packaging along with the all-natural formulations of its products.

Greens and blues are being used in new packaging designs. In terms of color psychology, green represents balance and harmony, security, wealth, and growth. It also suggests organic, natural, and healthy, which makes it a good color option for environmentally friendly product packaging. Blue conveys trust, honesty, strength, reliability, and unity, and can also give the impression that a product contributes to a state of relaxation or serenity.

Organic Shapes

New personal care packaging designs are much more than the classic box. Innovative choices include circular packaging and cubes. Organic shapes are emerging in the market, with a natural look and curving, flowing appearance. Organic shapes, as found in nature, create a soft, calming effect upon the consumer.

Smart Packaging

Consumers today expect smart packaging, including better designed closings and openings. Smart packaging extends shelf life, monitors freshness, provides information on quality, and improves safety and convenience.

Individual Packaging

More and more single-serve or on-the-go products require unique individual packaging to compete for attention on the shelf. We live in a mobile world, and consumers expect personal packaging to fit seamlessly into their busy lifestyles and move as they move. Brands that deliver a more convenient, enhanced experience for today’s busy consumers have an added advantage in the marketplace.

Pressing the Limits in Custom Packaging

At JohnsByrne, your image is our bottom line. We utilize a unique end-to-end production process and one-vendor accountability to meet all your packaging needs. We create folding carton packaging in paper and plastic to get your brand noticed. We are one of the few suppliers with proven expertise working with plastic substrates to produce clear plastic packaging that will give your product a unique appeal and attraction in a busy field.

For your exceptional products, we offer custom specialty packaging. At JohnsByrne, specialty packaging is considered an art form. Our team of in-house structural designers and project managers and our end-to-end manufacturing process brings your vision into reality.

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