Idea Factory

A Collection of Our Capabilities

  • Sound chip enabled pop-up direct mail packaging from Johnsbyrne
    Direct Mail That Pops
    A direct mail piece that was transformed from static to dimensional by our structural design experts. This piece also includes a sound chip to enhance the users experience to its highest potential.
  • Plastic product packaging for modern design solution
    Modern Plastic Packaging
    This concept shows a more modern look to plastic packaging. With custom product cutouts, this cost-alternative solution sells itself when wanting to make a subtle, yet bold product offer.
  • Johnsbyrne carrier packaging for easy carry and product protection
    Customized Carriers
    Customized product-specific carriers are a great concept for condensing in size and protecting the product at the same time.
  • Johnsbyrne countertop barrel dispenser POP display
    Barrel Dispensers
    This unique countertop structure was built to grab consumers’ attention. Acting as a storage unit and a dispenser, this design served multiple purposes and easily noticed by passerby’s.
  • Johnsbyrne direct mail pop-up packaging for customer engagement
    Over-Dramatic Messaging
    No direct mail piece can speak too loudly. Create interactive pop-up direct mail pieces that punctuate your bottom line message.
  • Johnsbyrne folding carton display for product showcase
    Product Spotlight
    This floor display was designed to showcase and highlight a client’s product. With a unique folding carton to place inside the display, we’ve been able to maximize this piece by developing a sleek/thin design that holds unique eye-demanding structural cartons.
  • Johnsbyrne twisting panel design for packaging enhancement
    Folding Cartons With a Twist
    This unique folding carton structure offers an alternative solution for packaging enhancement. By twisting the folding panels, we’ve created a new dimension. This structure gives the overall package a twisted appeal.
  • Johnsbyrne clam-shell packaging design for direct-mail advertising
    Contemporary Direct Mailer
    A contemporary frame-view direct mailer that demands attention. This clam-shell mailer was designed with a bottom section slit-lock and an integrated pop-up element for key-messaging or imagery.
  • APET packaging design for product promotion and visual display
    The APET Showoff
    This structure is perfect for promotional kits and launches. With a clear four-cornered APET cover, this piece shows off the product in a clean and precise structure without hiding what’s inside.
  • Circular display packaging for cosmetic products
    Circular Frenzy
    This unique design fits five cosmetic products by altering the standard shape of a package into a circular design. When fully packaged, the five compartments fold inwards and are kept in place with a secure circular lid.
  • Lenticular imagery is used to create a motion effect in this 4-panel cubed display
    Packaging in Motion
    This counter display has a 4-panel motorized revolving cube that displays different lenticular imagery for a motion effect.
  • interactive structures for POP display
    Interactive Structures
    A display that is hung on a peg board to create a different style of POP structure. The barrel display spins interactively with client interchangeable messaging.
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