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In the world of packaging, the term “white comp” generally refers to a white paper prototype model of the packaging design that allows the client Not All Packaging Is Created Equal

Print and finishing effects like embossing and debossing, the use of gold foils, and specialty coatings and varnishes are each a popular method to create Packaging Trend: Shape & Die-Cutting

Settling on the perfect substrate, package structure, and coatings and finishes is just the first step. What truly matters is the execution – how well 5 Common Packaging Production Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get creative, innovate, and release some captivating new packaging. It’s also a time when marketing budgets typically 5 Tips for Creating Statement-Worthy Seasonal Packaging

You already have great products. But what about your packaging? Far too often brands are opting for unremarkable elements when it comes to packaging. Consumers Make Your Packaging a Star

The holidays are upon us! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again, but we’re moving into a crucial period for your Simple Holiday Packaging Program Upgrades

Your packaging is a shopper’s first tangible experience with your brand. It’s like meeting someone new; you get only one chance to make a great The Value of Premium Luxury Packaging on Your Brand

For many products, especially in the health and beauty and food industries, both primary and secondary packaging play an integral role in housing, protecting, and Creating the Perfect Marriage Between Primary and Secondary Packaging

Each year, the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) issues awards to standouts in the packaging industry. The competition is the premier competition for packaging manufacturers, with JohnsByrne Wins 6 Paperboard Packaging Council Awards

In the age of social media, so-called “influencers” seem to make up the next generation’s equivalent of celebrity endorsements. Although there is no broadly agreed-up Influencer Kits – The Right Package Design

The world of packaging is constantly evolving to keep up with consumer demand and to stay relevant among increasingly creative and innovative packaging designs. One Packaging Trend: Natural Patterns and Materials

Every major industry has a few big names that stand out from the crowd, control large shares of the market, and traditionally set the trajectory How Mid-Size Health & Beauty Companies are Setting the Packaging Trends