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Direct mail is still a great way to reach a targeted audience without the many interruptions other channels have. The Internet is crowded with ads, Standard Envelope or High-Impact Direct Mail?

Today’s consumers are sophisticated and educated. Thanks to the vast amount of information available online, consumers are much more perceptive to brand messages. Moreover, because Seeing Your Packaging Through the Eyes of Consumers

As the year comes to a close, it’s always fun to take a look back at 2015 and remember our favorite packaging designs and trends Our Favorite Product Packaging Designs of 2015

As a print management company, your goal is to find printers who can deliver high-quality products on time and within your clients’ budget. After all, What to Look for in a Printer Partner

Packaging is way more than just a container for your product. Effective packaging is a vehicle for strengthening your brand and supporting marketing initiatives, including How Packaging Helps Social Causes

Just like books are often judged by their covers, products are frequently judged by their packaging before a buyer gets to experience the item. When 3 Factors that Make a Good Packaging Design

Innovation in any industry is key to staying ahead of the competition and pressing the limits on what is possible. It’s no different in the Finding Inspiration for Better Packaging Designs

One thing that is constant in the luxury folding carton market is change. New and emerging brands are constantly hitting the competitive spirits market and Innovation in Action: Casamigos’ Spirits Packaging

Product packaging is one of your most valuable branding vehicles, and you can make it work harder. Unlike primary packaging that simply contains a product, 5 Factors that Turn Your Product Packaging Into Portable Advertising

Packaging plays a big role in a brand’s overall success, both short and long term. According to statistics, packaging drives purchases more than TV ads, reviews Is Your Packaging Doing Double Duty?

Creating product packaging from start to finish requires planning, dedication, quality control and expert knowledge to ensure the project will be a success. Although your Understanding the Packaging Production Process

Just like retailers decorate their stores with holiday lights, baubles, and other décor, brand managers can utilize festive colors and holiday pizzazz this season. Companies Incorporating a Little Holiday Spirit into Product Packaging