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Successful direct mail campaigns rely on a variety of elements to drive open rates and response rates. Multiple studies, however, have identified color as playing Why Color Matters in Direct Mail

Nowadays, successful marketing campaigns involve a lot of research and trial to ensure that the finished product and materials deliver return on the investment. To How Can Using Market Data Affect the Success of Direct Mail Campaigns?

For decades, the financial industry has relied on direct mail campaigns to acquire new customers. According to statistics, insurance and financial services are among the Personalized Financial Direct Mail Turns Prospects Into Customers

Many different campaigns are possible with direct mail, which can drive traffic and sales to your business. Direct mail has been around for a long Revolutionizing Direct Mail With Unique Printing and Finishing Techniques

Direct mail is still a great way to reach a targeted audience without the many interruptions other channels have. The Internet is crowded with ads, Standard Envelope or High-Impact Direct Mail?

Direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool during November and December for companies in just about any industry. While these physical messages stand out Holiday Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for Any Industry

Direct mail is a highly relevant marketing channel for many industries, but you can’t just create a campaign and bombard customers’ mailboxes with little thought. The Top 5 Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid

Credit cards create exciting possibilities. Whether there are rewards or miles attached to your credit card, a credit card opens up a world of opportunities. Creating Credit Card Welcome Kits that Impress Clients

Acquisition campaigns are critical for any company or industry. Not only do they increase your customer base, but they also serve as the first introduction Acquisition Mailers – Is Your Creative Aligned with Your Test Strategy and Offer?

Direct mail is one of the most successful marketing methods to reach new customers. However, not every direct mail piece has the same potential. Direct Perfecting the Acquisition Direct Mail Piece

Research after research says that it’s easier (and less costly) to get more sales from existing clients than acquiring new ones. Building brand loyalty is Increase Member Loyalty with High Impact Loyalty Kits and Direct Mail

There is a growing myth that direct mail marketing is a thing of the past and that the new generation of marketing is all digital. Direct Mail Marketing Success with Dimensional Pieces