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In the financial industry, relationships are key and welcome kits are a unique way to build lifelong loyal customers. When done correctly, an engaging welcome Launching a Credit Card Welcome Kit: Do’s and Don’ts

Looking for guidance to help you determine the right packaging for your brand? Before hiring a packaging design agency, it is important to understand their Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Packaging Design Agency

Photo Credits: Fluresh Cannabis is a $6 billion, fast growing, highly competitive industry. In order to address the needs of the increasing demand for medical 5 Ways Custom Cannabis Packaging Fits Your Product & Brand

When looking for a packaging supplier brands should consider several factors – whether the supplier is certified being one of them. ISO 9001 is a Why Brands Should Work with an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Packaging Supplier

As more brands opt for e-commerce, it’s critical that packaging is adapted to be efficient and deliver a high-quality product to consumers’ doorsteps. According to Increasing the Efficiency of Your DTC Packaging – Tips from Our Packaging Experts

Child resistant (CR) packaging is packaging that is easy for adults to open, but is difficult for children ages 5 and under to open. Around Is Your Packaging <strong>Certified</strong> Child-Resistant? Important Things to Look Out For

Photo Credits: Codexbeauty According to a PMMI study, 95% of consumers report packaging significantly affects their online purchase and almost half share their experience on How Ecommerce Brands Can Achieve Unboxing Experiences that Rival In-Store Shelf Branding

It is important for print and packaging providers to take every measure possible to get color-matching right across your packaging. The consistency of color is Color Matching – How to Precision

Many brands create multiple product lines, giving consumers a wider range of products to choose from, as well as giving consumers an opportunity to find Differentiating Multiple SKUs Within a Brand Family

Photo Credits: Paper Specs Seasonal packaging is a great way for brands to create a fresh new look, as well as gain relevance for the Seasonal Packaging: Customizing Your Packaging for The Seasons

It’s no question that the recent pandemic has sparked the conversation around onshoring suppliers. Faced with closed countries longer processing timeframes and requirements, many companies Onshoring Your Packaging? What to Look for In a Domestic Printer