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Many brands create multiple product lines, giving consumers a wider range of products to choose from, as well as giving consumers an opportunity to find Differentiating Multiple SKUs Within a Brand Family

Photo Credits: Paper Specs Seasonal packaging is a great way for brands to create a fresh new look, as well as gain relevance for the Seasonal Packaging: Customizing Your Packaging for The Seasons

It’s no question that the recent pandemic has sparked the conversation around onshoring suppliers. Faced with closed countries longer processing timeframes and requirements, many companies Onshoring Your Packaging? What to Look for In a Domestic Printer

Photo Credits: QR Code Generator Connected packaging is packaging that does more than just hold, protect and preserve the product. With connected packaging, the main Connected Packaging: How it Can Improve Your Brand?

Photo Credits: Culligan Welcome kits are not only a great promotional tool for brands, but they are also a great way to create and improve 7 Custom Welcome Kits Your Brand Can Use

A structural packaging design is an extremely effective way to make your packaging and your product stand out amongst your competitors. However, not all structural How to Approach Your Structural Design Project

Photo Credits: Wisconsin Hemp When a business is in a highly competitive market, it is imperative that their product stands out to consumers. An excellent packaging Structured Packaging – Adding Value & Avoiding Commoditized Packaging

Creating marketing and sales kits is a very effective way to promote your business. These kits are typically used by your sales team to help Creating Effective Packaging for Marketing and Sales Kits

Photo Credits: Tata Harper Skincare In a society where the beauty industry is largely unregulated, consumers are wary to put products with potentially harmful ingredients on Clean Beauty Packaging: 5 Must Haves

Today, more and more consumers – especially millennials – say they want brands that create sustainable and environmentally-responsible products. Therefore, creating a sustainable product not Sustainable Packaging Materials – Your Guide to More Eco Friendly Packaging

Direct to consumer is exactly as it sounds – it is packaging for products that are marketed and distributed directly to customers without the use How to Create Effective Direct to Consumer Packaging

The spirits industry is one of the most creative fields when it comes to packaging. This industry utilizes unique concepts to catch a consumer’s eye Best Liquor & Spirits Packaging – From Bourbon to Wine